GeBall 1.0

Excellent arkanoid game with awsome visual and sound effects

Get ready to travel through 10 dynamic environments, each carefully created and intricately designed, as you battle through more than 100 action-packed levels. There are also 11 special levels guarded by challenging bosses that you must defeat in order to advance in the game. For those who prefer to enjoy the sights and sounds of the game at a leisurely pace, there are 100 levels in the relax mode, each with a uniquely cute and stylish brick pattern to keep you occupied for hours on end.
There are over 80 fast and furious levels spread out in 10 different stages for you to power your ship through, and the game is enhanced by a multitude of special modifiers that invert the mouse scrolling axis, flip the horizontal and vertical axes, changes the environmental effects, so no two games will ever be the same. You can also collect coins to upgrade your ship with special powers, which will come in handy when you have to face bosses that stand between you and your path to the next stage.
For those who like to take it at a slower pace, there are also 100 different levels in the relax mode of the game, that offers a slight variation on game play, but still allows players to experiences all the bells and whistles of the standard game mode.
With endless hours of replayable actions, GeBall is the ultimate cure to those craving some fast-paced action from a familiar theme, without feeling like they are simply playing a remake. GeBall is a great improvement because it manages to keep the intensity and style of the original game, and mixes it up with very solid graphics and innovative game design. Play GeBall, and you’ll never miss arkanoid again!

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